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East Ridge Game: 0-0


Interview with Coach Adolph


Q: How do you feel about the outcome of the game?


A: I was pleased becuase I wasn't sure how we would play. The new players are young and we've been playing a lot of good teams. This was the first time our defenders kept a team from scoring.


Q: Is there anyone specific you'd like to recognize?


A: Jordan Rahn- Goal Keeper


    Olivia Tawzer- Center Midfield 


    Jessica Pearlman- Back


    Karlee Voelp- Front


Q: How will this game affect the rest of your season?


A: We will have more confidence going into the next games.


Q: How is this season compared to the last season?


A: This season has been more difficult because there's a lot a new players and a lot of freshmen. We also have more injuries but everyone is working hard.


Q: Is there anything you would change about the game?


A: I wish we would have scored.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?


A: I'm very proud of the way they worked. We are going to stay positive and we're getting better.




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      Head Coach: Rick Adolph

           Assistant Coach: Austin Hall

 Trainer: Randy Wilks

 Principal: Jim Jarvis

                    Athletic Director: Jesse Nayadley

          Managers: Melaney Raley