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OHS Students Design Blood Vial Holders for Local Veterinary Clinic
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Sunday, March 04, 2018
Seniors Dylan Vaca & Tommy Sluss
Seniors Dylan Vaca & Tommy Sluss
A local veterinary clinic wanted a better blood vial holder than their current one, since it allowed the smaller tubes to fall through the holes. Senior Dylan Vaca designed a holder that could seat 9 vials including a paw print on the bottom. Senior Santiago Ruiz was then in charge of 3D printing the holder. Dr. Katherine Thigpen of Sale Creek Veterinary Clinic was thrilled with the result. She then asked if there could be two more designed to hold different sized vials. Senior Tommy Sluss stepped in to to modify the original design to suit the size changes and included the clinic"s logo on the front. Once again the vet was thrilled. She applauded the boys' creativity and expertise. 
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