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Abby Claire Thompson is OHS Artist of the Month!!!
Posted On:
Friday, January 20, 2017

"My name is Abby Claire Thompson. Before high school I wasn't really sure what I thought about Art. I knew I had some interest because somehow I managed to take an art class every year. My freshmen year I started to try a little more and eventually I was able to work outside of my comfort zone. I had finally found something that I could feel good about and boosted my confidence. As the years progressed, I developed a love for art and used every opportunity I could to better myself. I wouldn't limit myself by saying I only have one style bt one of my favorites would be realism. At the moment I am not sure exactly where I am supposed to go after high school ot what I am supposed to do. There are so many different directions I could go but wherever I choose I hope I can incorporate art somehow."


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