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Important Upcoming Dates!!!
Posted On:
Monday, April 17, 2017


April 19: State ACT for Juniors, Practice ACT for 9th and 10th Grades. (Seniors will have a day to Job Shadow, Visit Colleges of have an Independent Study Day)


April 20: U.S. History EOC Part 1 during scheduled class.

- Class Night and Riverboat for Seniors

April 21: Math Field Trip to Lee University 7:45-3:00.

- OHS Improv Show in Theatre 7:00pm

April 22: Prom 7:30-11:30pm.



April 24: English 9th, 10th & 11th ECO part 2 during scheduled class

April 25: English 9th, 10th & 11th EOC part 3 and 4 during 1st block

April 26: Awards Day for Seniors.

- National Technical Honor Society in Commons @ 5pm

April 27: Biology and Chemistry EOC during scheduled class.

- CDC and DCC Field Trip to Chickamauga Battlefield 8:30-1:30.

April 28: U.S. History EOC part  2 during scheduled clas.

- IB Banquet at Christway Church 6pm

May 1: Algebra 1,2 & Geometry EOC part 1 during scheduled class.

- IB Exam: Biology 12pm

May 2: Algebra 1,2 & Geometry EOC part 2 during scheduled class.

- IB Exam: Biology 8am.

- JROTC Awards Ceremony 6pm in Theatre

May 3: Algebra 1,2 & Geometry EOC part 3 during scheduled class.

- AP English Literature Exam.

- IB Exam: English 12pm.

May 4: Choir Concert Ooltewah Methodist 6:30pm.

- IB Exam: English 8am.

- IB Exam: Math 12pm

May 5: JROTC and Band Field Trip to Armed Forces Day Parade 9am-11:45am.

- U.S. History EOC part 3 during sceduled class.

- AP U.S. History Exam.

- IB Exam: Math 8am.

- Football Signing Party 1:00pm in Theatre.

May 8: IB Exam: Math and German 8am

May 9: IB Exam: German 8am.

- IB Exam: History 12pm

May 10: AP English Language Exam.

- IB Exam: History 8am

May 11: IB Exam: Music 8am.

- IB Exam: Chemistry

May 12: Senior Exams 1st and 2nd Block.

- IB Exam: Chemistry 8am.

- IB Exam: Psychology 12pm.

- AP European History Exam 12pm.

- JROTC Field Day 10:30-2:10

May 15: Senior Exams 3rd and 4th Block

- IB Exam: Psychology 8am.

- IB Exam: Physics 12pm

May 16: Senior Exam Make-ups.

- IB Exam: Physics 8am.

- IB Exam: Spanish 12pm.

May 17: IB Exam: Physics 8am.

- IB Exam: ITGS 12pm

May 18: IB Exam: ITGS 8am

- IB Exam: French 12pm

May 19: Graduation Practice 7am.

- IB Exam: French 8am

May 20: Graduation 9am @ McKenzie Arena 

May 22: Exams 1st and 2nd Block

May 23: Exams 3rd and 4th Block

May 24: Make up Exams

May 25: 1/2 Day for Students


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