Web Design Team

Website Design Team
We are awesome!

What Our Team Does: 

As web designers for Ooltewah High School, we are responsible for the Ooltewah High School's Website, which includes:

  • Adding new information to the pages as it becomes available
  • Updating information on the pages on a daily basis
  • Improving our existing web page design
  • Adding new pages to the site
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Web Design Team:

  • Burgess, Kenneth Steven
  • Coates, Ryan Steven
  • Gautreaux, Jonathan Gregory
  • Hunt, Jordan Ashton
  • James, Stormie Nickole
  • Johnson, Alexis Haley
  • Keenan, Allison Elizabeth
  • Loyd, Patrick Skylar
  • McMilian, Jacob Ryan
  • Moneymaker, Amy Nicole
  • Montgomery, Alicia Christine
  • Radden, Jah Reece Amani
  • RiosMartinez, Stephiane Nicole
  • Rutkovskaya, Marta 
  • Shropshire, Justin Curtis
  • Stanley, Andrew David
  • Stowers, Brittney Rose
  • Tiberend, Brendan Robert
  • Ware, Christopher Geormonyae
  • Whitson, William Scott