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I have an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Georgia Tech.  I have a masters in teaching science from Georgia State University.  I have taught science in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.  This is my sixth year teaching and my second year at Ooltewah High School. I am looking forward to another exciting year!


1 - Chemistry (Semester 1)
2 - Honors Chemistry (Semester 1)
3 - AP Chemistry (Semester 1)
4 - Chemistry (Semester 1)
5 - Planning (Semester 1)
1- Honors Chemistry (Semester 2)
 2 - Chemistry (Semester 2)
3 - AP Chemistry (Semester 2)
4 - Planning (Semester 2)
5- Chemistry(Semester 2)

For chemistry, students will need a notebook, loose leaf paper,  spiral notebook (to be kept in the classroom), a scientific or graphing calculator, a pencil, and a blue or black pen.  Honors chemistry will also need to have a pack of index cards.  AP Chemistry needs a 100 page carbonless lab notebook, as well. Classroom needs include distilled water, tissue, hand sanitizer, hand soap, 409, and disinfecting wipes.

Classroom Expectations

  • Be on time 
  • Read the chapter and review concepts covered in class
  • Use learning targets to understand AP standards
  • Bring materials to class every day
  • Do all assignments ..complete all labs…. on time
  • Show respect to teacher and classmates
  • Try not to leave for any reason…. If you absolutely need to go the restroom, ask permission, and sign the pass. No more than two students each period should leave class. 
  • Be sure to take the pass with you when you leave the class for any reason.
  • Do  all the classwork to reinforce new  concepts
  • Follow directions and pay attention to all instructions. NO HORSEPLAY in the LAB…… SAFETY IN THE LAB IS A PRIORITY….
  • Do NOT USE your CELL PHONES in class!   
  • ATTENDANCE IS IMPORTANT!   Be in class on time and PREPARED!
  • All policies of OHS student handbook will be followed.
  • Students communicating or using unauthorized resources during a test will receive a zero on the test.


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