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Bow Tie ClubThe Charter of the Bow Tie Club


We the people of Bow Tie Thursday, in order to form a more dapper union, establish bow ties, ensure a sense of professionality, provide for the school fashion sense, promote the general neck ware, and ensure the blessings of bow ties to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Bow Tie Thursday of the Bow Tie Club of Ooltewah High School.

Article I

Members of the Bow Tie Club do swear to,

  1. Wear bow ties on Thursday

  2. Come to the weekly meetings in Mr. Holt’s room on Thursdays

  3. Adhere to all rules on Thursdays

Article II

This Bow Tie Club is governed as a oligarchical monarchy. Three kings (or queens) shall rule under the authority of Emperor Holt I. Upon the departure of a king he or she may bestow the honor upon a successor. This process may only be interrupted by Emperor Holt. The first Kings and founders of the Bow Tie Club (in conjunction with the emperor) are Brent Dyer, Phillip Dyer and Cade Shortt.

Article III

Thursday meetings shall,

  1. Be used as a function to document the club's history through photographic record

  2. Last only as long as the emperor permits

  3. Be a place of general merriment

Article IV

In the case that school is not held on a Thursday, at the discretion of the Kings and Emperor, another day may be made an official Bow Tie Day.

Article V

A bow tie shall not be worn if,

  1. The Member is not wearing in conjunction with a collared shirt

  2. The Member’s shirt does not have buttons running the full length of the front

  3. The Member’s shirt is patterned in conflict with his or her bow tie

Article VI

The ratification of this club shall be efficiently established by unanimous consent of those present on the fourth day of February in the Year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen and the creation of the Bow Tie Thursday Club the four in witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names.

Joshua Holt

Phillip Dyer

Brent Dyer 

Cade Shortt

~The Bow Tie Thursday Convention

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