Graduation Requirements

Subject Credit Course

English 4 English l, ll, lll, and lV

Math 4 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra ll and one Advanced Math. Students must take math each school year

Science 3 Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and 1 lab science

1 Additional HCDE Science Elective

Social Studies 3 World History and Geography, US History and Geography, Economics (.5) and US Government & Civics (.5)

Wellness 1

PE .5

Personal Finance .5

Foreign Language 2 (Same language)

Fine Arts 1

Major Elective Focus 3

Capstone Experience Elective credit may be earned

A satisfactory record of attendance and conduct is reuiqred for all graduates.

23 credits - Traditional (schools that offer 6 or 7 credits/year)

28 credits- Block (schools that offer 8 or 9 credits/year)

**In order to earn a regular diploma, students enrolled in a Tennessee public school in their junior year oh high school must be complete the ACT or SAT in order to fulfill the graduation requirement.**

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