Summer Reading

IB 12- research and 2800 rough draft of their EE

IB 11
Due to the curriculum change there will be no summer reading assignment.

AP Language and Composition

Honors English 10 is The Plague and Lord of the Flies. Students should take 40 quotes from the text that help establish character, setting, plot, or theme and respond to each quotation making its relevance clear. See attachment below.

Honors English 10

While we encourage students to read over the summer, we are not formally requiring a specific reading selection for students in other classes. Students may choose to read whatever writing they find enjoyable and no test will be forthcoming at the beginning of the year. The exceptions to this are the IB, AP, and Honors 10 classes.

Honors English 9 is Student Choice:
J.R.R. Tolkien: The Hobbit OR William Goldman: The Princess Bride
-Complete a dialectical journal with 40 quotes and 40 responses. Quotes should span the entirety of the text (beginning to end). Journals are due on the first day of class in August
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