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2021 Fall Semester

The art students participated in a project that involves drawing portraits of third world children that are in orphanages.  The project is called the Memory Project. A group, formed years ago, go and visit these children, spend time with them, bring them money for food, health care, etc. Then, they take a photo of them.

Here, in America, we can go to their website and for $15 a photo- choose a country this organization will visit each year. This year the kids picked Cameroon.

Ooltewah High School students picked individual kids from a photos they purchased. The photos gave some information like the kids favorite color, what they want to be when they grow up, etc. Ooltewah students chose what medium they wanted to use to make this portrait. 
When our students finished, they took a picture of them holding the drawing they made.  They then glued this to the back of the drawing, and our students traced their hand print and sent the Cameroon child a message. 
The art students were very excited and humbled by the thought their art would be shared across the globe. Thus giving that child a small memory that somebody cared enough to draw them.
The organization traveled back to the country, and we received the video of the Cameroon children getting their pieces of art this week. They have the greatest smiles on their faces!

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