The Blood Drive
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Thursday, September 03, 2015
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The Blood Drive

Friday the 28the,  Blood Assurance came to Ooltewah High School for students 16 years or older to donate blood. From the popular demand in previous years, the company sent 3 buses to the school, with 11 staff members.   

                Director, Tim Wilson, talked with us about inventory of blood, what is needed and how important it is to donate. He was also the comic relief of the day to make students as comfortable as possible and to ease their nerves.

                Junior, Graham Tenison, commented on his experience donating blood, saying, “I need to give my super blood to the children of America”. While getting ready to give, Tenison mentioned he felt hopeful he wouldn't’t pass out. After the needle was inserts he announced, "i didn't expect that but im glad it went as smooth as it did." During the procedure, he claimed he was “feeling woozy” and “got really light-headed, really quick."

After the procedure, Tenison concluded that “it’s a good experience to have at least once.”  *DISCLAIMER, DO NOT ATTEMPT AFTER DONATION* Graham then ran 2 miles 30 minutes after giving blood, making him truly have “super blood”.




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