Spanish II Syllabus 2022-2023

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           Course Description:           This is a continuing introductory course of the Spanish language, and the Spanish culture.  The students will continue to be immersed in writing, reading, understanding, speaking, and communicating in the Spanish language. The student will continue learning about the Hispanic and Latino culture, through history, art, music, and poetry.  This course is designed so that the student builds a solid foundation of understanding of the use of the language in basic conversation, basic writing, and basic reading.  The course will open up an

appreciation for a world culture related to the Hispanic/Spanish/ Latino countries.


Course Outline:                  I.  Basic and intermediate vocabulary and basic grammar rules pertaining to the language.

  1. Basic and intermediate verbal communication using the Spanish language, and basic comprehension of the Spanish language.
  2. Immersion into the Spanish culture by exposing the students to all facets of the culture to include literature, media, art, music, foods, and drama.
  3. We connect with other disciplines and scholastic subjects that will enhance the students key knowledge of word semantics, cognitive correlations, and grammatical verbal command.
  4. We will immerse the students to educational movies, documentaries, cultural events, and key internet sites that will help develop their foreign language appreciation and knowledge.


Grading Scale:

A 90-100                               B 80-89                                 C 70-79                                 D 60-69                                 F 59 and below

Overview of Class Work, Homework, Quizzes,  Tests, and Exams:


The Spanish lessons will be taught in 8 to 10 separate segments per chapter.  An assessment will be given after all sections are completed and reviewed in class.  Prior to a new chapter, students will receive a student lesson plan outlining what will be covered in the 8 to 10 segments, the review lesson date, and the assessment date.  Assignments or assessments that are missed through absence will be marked in Power School with a I for incomplete.  The student has 3 classroom days to complete the missed work from the date of their return to school.  Once the missed work has been completed, the Incomplete will be replaced with the earned grade. At the end of the quarter, all assignments and assessments with (I ) will be a 0.  I am available every day except Friday afternoon for the student to make up work. 


Class work will be assigned on a daily basis, and the students will have ample time to complete the majority of the work in the classroom.  If the student requires more time, they may take it home to finish, and turn in on the subsequent class that follows.

If work is turned in late, the student can still earn an 80 for 1 day late, and a 60 for late work after 2 days, and a 50 after 3 days late. If the assignment is due on a Friday, the student will receive a 60 if they turn the work in on Monday.  All work can be made up prior to the end of a quarter.  After the quarter ends, all work that was an incomplete or a 0 will be a permanent 0 for that quarter mark.


Quiz assessments will be given to provide the progress of understanding and comprehension.  A quiz will announced to the class so they can prepare for the assessment.  Pop quiz assessments may be administered, but the student will be provided time in the classroom to prepare for the quiz.  Missed quizzes due to absence will be marked with a (I), incomplete.  The student has 3 school days after the absence to take the quiz and post an earned grade that will replace the incomplete. The student has the responsibility to set up a time to make up the quiz. A quiz can be made up during the school day, or after school from Monday to Thursday. If the incomplete quiz is not made up after 5 school days, the incomplete will change to a 0. At the end of the quarter, incomplete work will remain a 0.


We will have a comprehensive mid-term exam on the 9th week of the semester.   The final exam will be a comprehensive test that cover the mandated standards for each course.  We will have a comprehensive review of said standards prior to the final exam.


Students may qualify to be exempt for the final exam in the course. A student final exam exemption guide:

3 or less absences for the year with an A average

2 or less absences for the year with a B average

1 or less absences for the year with a C average                           3 tardies to the classroom will equal one absence.













Yearly Grade Break Down



Q1 – 42.5%                           Homework, Projects, Conversation, Quizzes, Tests

Q2 – 42.5%                           Homework, Projects, Conversation, Quizzes, Tests

E1 – 15%                               Final Exam



Q3 – 42.5%                           Homework, Projects, Conversation, Quizzes, Tests

Q4 – 42.5%                           Homework, Projects, Conversation, Quizzes, Tests               

E2 – 15%                               Final Exam



All project work, and extra credit work will have a rubric that will outline the information for that specific assignment.  The students will be provided a complete project sample in order for them to have a concrete idea of what is expected from the student. Due dates for all projects will be clearly communicated.  If the student is absent, it will be the students responsibility to select a due date for the missed projects.  Incomplete projects work will be marked with an incomplete (I) if missed due to absence.  After 7 classroom days, the incomplete will change to a 0.  The student can turn in the missing work prior to the end of the quarter.


Weekly Lesson Plans:

Each student in Spanish II will receive a weekly lesson plan at the beginning of each Spanish chapter.  The lesson plan will also contain information that will be helpful for the student during the chapter review.   


Aside from the paper copy that will be provided to the student, the lesson plan will be posted on Google Classroom. Every student will be able to join their corresponding group on Google Classrooms.  As a parent, you will be able to join Google Classroom as the students guardian and view messages, assignments, and the lesson plan for every chapter. Ask the student for the Google Classroom code. Students will be able to turn in, access documents, or post comments to their classroom and collaborate with other students in the classroom through Google Classroom. Every OHS student has a Google account and a password.  They will be able to access, and join their group using this account, their password, and their Google Classroom code.


Classroom Rules and Expectation:

The students will be provided with a handout of the classroom rules (the student handbook will have the rules for the school).  Our expectation in the classroom is that the students will always be courteous, respectful, considerate, and willing to learn..   There will be a clear phone policy covered in the classroom.  All classroom behavior rules will be covered.  I will do everything I can to communicate behavior expectations to each student, and work with the student to be successful in the classroom. Please remember that if I contact you, I have already addressed a disciplinary issue multiple times, and we need your help and input. 


Goals and Expectation:

Our goal is to provide a fun and exciting learning environment that is physically, and emotionally safe for each student.  I expect the best from each student, and my students will receive the best teaching practices in the classroom.  My goal is to stoke the love of self -learning in each student, and allow the student to grow intellectually and personally.  My expectation is that the student will be proud of what they have learned and accomplished at the end of the course.  My goal and expectation is that my students will be better students and better learners once they leave this course.  Finally, my expectation is that the students develop a firm, foreign language communication skill and an appreciation of a new, world culture.


Classroom Supplies                                                                                                                           Optional

1” Standard 3 Ring Binder                 150 - 250 sheets of writing paper                                     Tissue Box

200 - 3 X 5 Index Cards                     Index Card Box                                                                   Paper Towels

Pencils and Black Pens                       3 Red Pens or Thin Tipped Markers                                                Paper Plates and Cups

Multi-Colored Markers                      Scissors, Glue, Ruler                                                           Classroom Supplies


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