College & Career Office

                                   Mrs. Diehl College and Career Advisor
                                 Phone: 423-498-6920 option 5 and option 5


All final transcripts must be requested through Naviance before you graduate.  Please remember the school staff is off over the summer.

All transcripts must be requested electronically through NAVIANCE – If you have forgotten your password or your email is not correct – see Mrs.Diehl.

DO NOT REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT UNTIL YOU HAVE SUBMITTED AND PAID FOR YOUR APPLICATION! The application is needed to create your file at each college/university. If you request a transcript before you have submitted your application the college/university will not have a file for you and the transcript will not be kept.

Important Dates:

May 16 Graduation 6:00 pm
  • Scholarship Updates:

Students, please remember it is your responsibility to follow up with all scholarships.  Below are only suggested websites and information that has been sent to me directly.  There are many additional scholarships available.  I would suggest each student inquire with your work, your parent's place of employment, and clubs/groups you are involved in.  
College Pays TN
Raise Me

Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga
How to Pay for College

Active Scholarships:

Senior Time Line


All Year

·         Continually check into your Naviance account.  


·         Know your deadlines and keep working on applications.

·         Keep looking/applying for scholarships- get your college paid for



·        ***** Complete the FAFSA at *****

·         Keep working in your classes!  Grades and courses continue to count throughout your senior year.

·         Request that  I send mid-year transcript (the transcript of your first semester grades) if your colleges require them.

See Mrs. Diehl and provide proof of the scholarships you have received.



·         If you completed  FAFSA, check your emails and follow up for any additional items you may need to provide.

·         Complete scholarship applications.  You may be eligible for more scholarships than you think, so apply for as many as you can!



·         Stay focused and keep studying- only a couple more months to go!



·         Review your college acceptances and financial aid awards.  If you are positive you will not enroll at one or more of the colleges that accepted you please notify those colleges that you have selected another college.  If you know which college you will attend, send your tuition deposit and follow all other instructions.



·         Take Advanced Placement exams, if appropriate and request that your AP scores be sent to the college you will be attending.

·         Complete your Senior Survey!  This lets Mrs. Dieh know where to send your final official transcript.

·         Notify the college of any private scholarships or grants you will be receiving.

·         Know when the payment for tuition, room and board, meal plans, etc., is due.  If necessary, ask the financial aid office about a possible payment plan that will allow you to pay in installments.

·         Congratulations!  You have completed a difficult task, now it’s time to look forward to graduation!