Dress Code

Ooltewah High School

Dress Code 2019-2020


We strive to give students an opportunity for choice and creative expression within the dress code. However, school dress and grooming must be modest and decent. In matters of opinion, the judgment of administration will prevail. Students out of dress code will be subject to disciplinary consequences.


Apparel may not be worn advertising another school unless that particular school is at the college level.



  • Writing and pictures must be appropriate (must not depict drug, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or gangs)
  • No hoodies are to be worn inside the building during school hours (7:15 - 2:15).
  • Size appropriate (no undersized shirts or crop tops/shirts must be able to be tucked in) 
  • Must have sleeves (no exposed shoulders) 
  • Must be modest (no sheer tops, no cleavage or bare midriff) 


Pants or Shorts:

  • Must have working front and back pockets. 
  • Shorts may be worn, but they must touch the knees. 
  • No jeggings, spandex, stretch pants, leggings, yoga pants, athletic shorts/pants, sweatpants, joggers, pajama pants.
  • No pants with holes, rips, or tears that expose skin or are excessive (no bare skin may be showing through your jeans above the knees).
  • No skirts, dresses, short rompers 
  • No sagging/oversized pants (no underwear may show) 



  • No hats, bandanas, or head coverings (except for religious purposes and must be approved by administration in advance). 



  • No heavy coats or jackets inside the building during school hours (7:15 - 2:15). 
  • If outerwear is removed, what is underneath must meet dress code.
  • No blankets are allowed in the building during school hours (7:15 - 2:15).



  • Shoes must be worn at all times and not interfere with safety (No open-toed shoes will be allowed).



If you fail to comply with expectations of attire, you will not be permitted to attend class until you are in compliance. This is a long standing policy at this school. Any additional consequences will follow HCS Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline and Administrator discretion. All students will be apprised of the expectations of attire this summer and at the beginning of the school year and this will serve as the warning for meeting these expectations.





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